[nSLUG] Thin Clients has anyone experence with them?

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Tue Sep 13 16:23:08 ADT 2005

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:

> Wyse and Neoware have models starting around U$200

Last time I looked, the low end Wyse models (eg 1200LE) only supported ICA 
and RDP. They don't have any pricing on their new models so I don't know 
if it's still the same situation. Just something to watch out for...

> I though of Thin Client, 'cause I'm getting lazy in my old age. I though I 
> could use one box running, say Debian Sarge and GNOME or KDE and every 
> desktop would have the same setup. Now on one box I have Libranet 2.8.1 
> cedar, another Debian Sarge, another Debian Etch, this is basically I do not 
> run updates on every box that often.

Another option is to look at User Mode Linux, if you want to isolate 
users, or segregate them onto different platforms for testing. That way 
you just need one box (admittedly with a fair bit of memory) instead of 
multiple machines. I can quite comfortable run 6 UML sessions on my 1 gig 
laptop and have room left over to run my regular session and applications.

Cheers... Dop.


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