[nSLUG] Fwd: ISC dhcpd on Linux and Novell...uh...stuff.

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Sun Oct 23 15:21:25 ADT 2005

First, some reading:

>From the Netware 6.5 documentation "Understanding network
communications", SLP


and Technical Information Document "SLP Terms and Configuration


Based on those:

There are two different things that could be called a "SLP Server", a
"Directory Agent" or a "Service Agent". DAs are not necessary. SAs
advertise their services either with multicasts or via registration with
a DA. The SLP "directory" is unrelated to the NDS directory (or related
in about the same way as SLP and DNS)... A NDS server (which would be a
SLP SA) isnt necessaraly a SLP DA. The slp-* and nds-* dhcpd.conf
settings are thus unrelated.

If some clients are not updating the info DHCP pushes out, it might be
that they will be screwd up no matter what, until they are rebooted (or
whatever to force a real dhcp refresh). It might be possible to have
some of the Novell clients configured in such a way that isnt compatable
with the new topology... Some of the individual desktops might require
manual intervention, period.

I think, durring a period of migrtation, what might be the easiest
(read: least client configuration) might be to enable multicast routing
on the new routers. This should alow clients to discover services
providers in the same way as when you had one network. 

Longer term, you should have at least one directry agent installed, and
tell the clients about that either with dhcp or through manual
configuration. Netware 4 and up comes with a directory agent, and via
nds, will do DA-DA syncronization. Thus, I cant think of any reason not
to have the DAs on Netware boxes.

In summary:
- At least two Netware servers shold be configured as SLP Directory
- Clients shold be configured (manualy, or via dhcp) with a list of the
- Multicast should be configured on the routers, at least untill all the
clients are configured with a list of DAs.
- If you have any Service Agents (printers, say) on LANs that do not
have a DA on them, and those SAs are too stupid to allow for a DA
setting, then multicast would be required on every router between the SA
and DA.


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