[nSLUG] Multihomed VPN client machine and local LAN access

Scott Walker crimson at unspeakable.org
Wed Oct 19 14:42:14 ADT 2005

With the Cisco VPN client you can tell it to still allow LAN access.

JPL wrote:
> At my work we use a vpn connection to manage our email
> server. When connected to the vpn it disables local lan
> access. I would like to figure out a way to be able to
> connect to the vpn but still have local lan access. There
> is no chance of a change being made to the vpn server.
> I'm using the cisco vpn client for linux on a multihomed
> workstation. I would like the vpn client to just use eth0
> for it's vpn connection but leave eth1 alone for local
> lan access. Both nics are on the same network (10.13.x.x)
> with static IPs. Is there some way I can mess with the
> routes to force this to happen or does it seem like it
> may just not be possible?
> For the local lan access to work normally, the vpn server
> must also have local lan access allowed for clients (ie:
> just setting it on the client does nothing).
> Any useful suggestions or resources would be much
> appreciated. I've checked (and am still checking) the
> usual internet suspects (cisco, google...) currently
> without any luck.
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