[nSLUG] difficulty with ltsp

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 12:53:34 ADT 2005

I just noticed this:

On 10/9/05, J. Paul Bissonnette <jpaulb at eastlink.ca> wrote:

> Oct  8 21:41:58 maple in.tftpd[5574]: connect from
> (
> Oct  8 21:41:58 maple atftpd[5574]: Advanced Trivial FTP server started
> (0.7)

First we see in.tftpd, and then atftpd.

Is there just one tftp style of server running?  It might
report it this way due to a sym link or due to there
being two servers that are responding.

What happens if you try to connect over the atftp client,
possibly from another machine?  That should allow you to
trace what it is seeing as available.


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