[nSLUG] mail be directed to junk folder

George White aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca
Sun Oct 2 08:25:11 ADT 2005

Quoting rejean chamberland <laudire2you at yahoo.ca>:

> I was just going to reply saying that it hasn't
> happened to me with Aliant High-Speed, Sympatico at
> this moment using Ubuntu ( but that's irrelevant).
> When I noticed 2 emails in my Yahoo.ca email account
> Bulk folder. Thought they probably were junk mail and
> not related to your enquiry but sure enough they where
> from nslug ( from Rowan Townshend dated Sept.29). 
> George, how would one go about seeing the message
> header on Yahoo using Firefox? I had no problem doing
> on my personnal Sympatico email account with either
> Netscape, Mozilla or Thunderbird but an online account
> is beyond my knowledge for now. I kept the 2 replies
> so when can always see what the headers had to say.

Some mail user agents have a "view headers" or "view source" option.  Sometimes
you can save the message (e.g., in mbox format) and view headers with any
editor, or simply "redirect" or "bounce" the message to a system with better
tools.  I've never used Yahoo, but if they support pop3 or imap clients then
you can certainly view headers using pine.  

The nice thing about spamassassin is that it lets you know the factors that
contributed to the spam score.  The bad thing about spamassassin is that
spammers can adjust their scores to 4.9999.  I used to run SA on a local
machine where I could tweak the SA rules, but due to the 1000's of virus mails
I get, the workload was too great for the machine I had at the time.

The Chebucto Community Net is handy for me because you can use their webmail
user agent, pop3, or a text agent (pine) or even copy the mbox format files to 
a local machine where you can use mail or pine, etc.  I can make archives for
topics of interest and index them on a local machine with namazu or beagle.

George N. White III
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia


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