[nSLUG] what distro for this old machine

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Wed Nov 30 03:05:32 AST 2005

You can try less java based apps.  Try Opera - you can change the user
agent to allow it to work with any websites that tend to favor IE.

sg mentioned some very good window managers 
  besides Gnome, ice and window maker are my favorites
  haven't tried blackbox, kde is too eye-candy for me
  fluxbox was ok, had some minor issues, but that was years ago

Also, forcing color to 8-bit will definitely help.
Try to eliminate a background if you can and use blanking screen savers.
This will help.

I feel your pain, where I used to work, they never thought much of
Linux, so they only gave me old equipment like 486 40's and other fun

Another thing, check what services are running on your system.
You may be able to weed some out and free up some cycles.

Check if the X video card detect finds the amount of RAM on your card.
It was hard to detect on older cards, you can specify in the xorg config

Lastly, since you have limited RAM, what size swap did you create?
Its been awhile, I think I used to take amount of RAM * 2.5 (if you got
space)   64MB try 192MB or 256MB of swap.  How was your drive

    If you could, best to make  boot, then swap, then remaining.
    Hard drives fill inside out. Having the swap near the inner
cylinders may make swaps writes less noticible.

Hope it helps,


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