[nSLUG] Multihomed VPN client machine and local LAN access

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Wed Nov 30 03:39:49 AST 2005

The reason why the vpn is dropping local access, check the routes before
and after connecting to the vpn.

You may have to force a another gateway to eth1 

I had 4 nics to 4 different networks working, key is setting the routes.
You may have to clear the routes and create your own after connecting to
the vpn.

At home I use a virtual nic that the vpn connects to, but allows local
access.  When I used to use dialup vpn's, I had to redo routes and it
worked fine - the modem was for vpn at work and the eth0 was for
internal network (via another dialup server).

check out the route command 



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