[nSLUG] Re: Java installation problem

Kevin Fleming kfleming at accesswave.ca
Tue Nov 29 14:11:05 AST 2005

> You probably want something like PATH="$JRE_HOME/bin:$PATH" in java.sh (or
> "prepend-path $JRE_HOME/bin" if your profile.d uses that).  You should post
> your java.sh script if you are still having trouble.

Hi George:

	I did end up posting my java.sh script, and had it debugged by Donald,
who pointed out the error in it, where I had ignored the proper way to
indicate the variable name by adding a $ symbol to the variable name. I
had used JRE_HOME instead of $JRE-HOME in the script, which of course
did NOT have the desired effect. After fixing the error, it now works
the way it is supposed to system-wide.  I had not realized that Java
came in a GNU package for distros, and that it was available for use in
some of them. 

	I had always thought that Java was not an open source app, and one
needed to install either the runtime or development environments
available from a company source to have Java support, or install kaffe,
the free Java virtual machine to run Java code.  Is the functionality of
kaffe anywhere close to the Sun or Blackdown versions? I haven't tried
kaffe but I do note that it is listed at version 1.4.2 in the Mandriva
RPM listings, and I wonder if it is close to that version of Sun

	Anyway, the whole java.sh file now reads:
export JRE_HOME=/usr/java/jre1.5.0_05
export PATH=$PATH:$JRE_HOME/bin

and my error in it was NOT having the $ in the second line when I was 
exporting the variable and appending it to the $PATH.  Would it prepend the
value if I were to change the last line to 'export PATH=$JRE_HOME/bin:$PATH'?
Or would it basically be the same thing as the original line? I am not that sure
how BASH actually handles the variables and concatenation of the values.

Kevin Fleming

kfleming at accesswave.ca

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