[nSLUG] freebsd for sparc64.addendum

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 03:49:03 AST 2005


The CD I had refered to in the mailing list was just the installer
for FreeBSD.  Aside from that I have not found a bootable
live BSD environment, and since Linux can't write to UFS2 I've
wondered how to rescue BSD on the sparc platform.  So far,
all of the live CD projects in BSD I've found do not include
a sparc version.

My main purpose in installing BSD at this point is to learn it, but
at my workplace they have only deployed it to x86 platform, and this
lack of support tools may be partly why.  There is a diskless NetBSD
available for sparc, and maybe that would support mounting the local disk.



On 11/26/05, Ken Hughes <kendallhughes at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry ... I was a little over-eager and wasn't quite thorough enough.
> I found Aurora v2 and am d/l'ing it now.
> And it looks like Frenzy 0.3 or 0.4 might come on stream some time as
> well.
> I'm looking for liveCDs as I'm not much of a geek but I love unix for
> linguistics stuff and want to use my Ultra60 to learn, learn, learn.
> Thus far I think I like the NetBSD release (which I've been using on
> old 68K Macs)
> cuz it is so very pristine and orderly.
> Nonetheless, if you have a thought about FreeBSD for Sparc64,
> please feel free to clue me.
> Thanks very much.
> Ken
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> Hello there Mr Teed
> Please excuse the unsolicited email but I was
> looking for another liveCD for sparc64 and you
> are the only Googled result I could find.
> I have NetBSD and Gentoo, but I've been unable
> to find the FreeBSD item you mentioned in
> http://nslug.ns.ca/pipermail/nslug/2005-November/008766.html
> Would you have a source that you might refer me to?
> Thank you most muchly.
> Ken Hughes
> kendallhughes at gmail.com
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