[nSLUG] MPlayer problem in PCLinuxOS

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 13:34:13 AST 2005

If this is the same thing I'm finding in google, it is a prerelease .93 not
It is a bootable CD.  Is the thing you are working with in
a remastered environment?

In any case, there are probably only a handful of such users around and you
are probably going to find targeted help in the PCLinuxOS forum.
As you know how to enable flash in another debian based distro, the
pieces of stuff you need are no longer a puzzle in itself, but how to
make it work in that particular distro.  It's like knowing where the
hood release is in a Lamborghini or Lada.

On 11/23/05, rejean chamberland <laudire2you at yahoo.ca> wrote:
>  Hi all!
> It's me again. I tried to find the nslug archives and read what had been
> suggested for my video problem but I couldn't make sense of the nslug site
> anymore.
> Here is my situation. When I installed Xandros 3.0.2 I was able to go on
> CNN, CBC Halifax and Toronto web sites and view and listen to the newsclips
> without any problem.
> In Mandriva 2006 I had to install; MPlayer, win 32 codecs, xine-win32,
> real codecs, mplayer-plugins and xmms-alsa. I also had to install the Flash
> plug-ins and copy the libflashplayer.so and flashplayer.xpt to my
> /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ folder. So now I can go into CNN and the CBCs and
> see the news clips.
> I tried doing the same in PCLinuxOS 9.2 ( was just told yesterday that I
> didn't have to get the 9.3 version if I had all the updates) but I have 2
> problems;
> 1. Most of the time I get an error message telling that I couldn't fetch
> the file on line but half of the time the video start right after that.
> 2. I am never able to close MPlayer, MPlayer-Video and the Error window. I
> can minimize them but cannot close them. I can open new ones but they just
> add up to the previous ones.
> Someone told me that if I do a Start=>Run and type Kill and click on an
> open window I can force a close but it doesn't work.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated!
> Thanks in advance,
> Réjean
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