[nSLUG] Grrrr....

David Potter dlpotter at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 17 12:07:42 AST 2005

The H-e-r-a-l-d was using a cgi_bin based search engine that allowed me 
to automate the search quite easily.  

Things have changed... The form that generates the results page now has 
this code....

<form method=post action=/searchclass.html>

<input TYPE="checkbox" NAME="autoparkingandstorage">Auto Parking And 
Storage (2)<br>
<input TYPE="checkbox" NAME="accessoriesandparts">Accessories And Parts 
<input TYPE="checkbox" NAME="trucksforsale">Trucks For Sale (60)<br>
<input TYPE="checkbox" NAME="sportutilityvehiclesforsale">Sport Utility 
Vehicles For Sale (66)<br>
<input TYPE="checkbox" NAME="vansforsale">Vans For Sale (59)<br>
<input TYPE="checkbox" NAME="carsforsale">Cars For Sale (359)<br>
<input TYPE="checkbox" 
NAME="antiqueprestigeautomobiles">Antique/Prestige Automobiles (51)<br>

Optional search string:<input type=text name=searchstring>
<input type=hidden name=currentclass value=auto><br>
<input type=submit value=Search>

...which has stumped me... I'm guessing that there's something about 
"searchclass.html" that I haven't encountered yet.

David Potter


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