[nSLUG] Problems with Eastlink Hosting Multiple IPs on One Network Interface

Jim Campbell jim at jcampbell.ca
Wed Nov 16 16:09:57 AST 2005

Jim Campbell wrote:
> This problem has now been fixed by Eastlink. Tech support said that a 
> system admin did "something". The main difference I can see from my 
> end (besides the fact that external clients can actually connect 
> through aliased IPs)  is that the Eastlink gateway is actually making 
> "who-has" arp requests to our firewall for aliased IPs.
> Jim
I had an FYI call from Eastlink re their fix. Apparently the problem was 
caused by an anti IP spoofing rule in their router. They "relaxed" the 
rule and they can now handle our aliased IPs.



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