[nSLUG] Need fix for plain text showing garbage in Mac (Word)

bob ashley ashley at chebucto.ca
Thu May 19 00:07:09 ADT 2005

On Wed, 2005-18-05 at 23:09 -0300, Jack Warkentin wrote:

> However, be clear as to what text editors and word processors are good
> for. Text editors are great for creating/modifying configuration files
> and program code files. But I don't know why you would want to write a
> resume, for instance, using a text editor. It would never have the
> professional look that could be achieved with a word processor. Unless,
> of course, you were using the text editor to created some form of markup
> language file that would later be processed to produce that professional
> typeset look.

On "writ[ing] a resume...using a text editor." Let me know if you think
my reasons are weak.

I reckoned the plain text resume serves as a common source upon which to
build different stylistic or functional versions. Recently, I submitted
an online resume to the government. They would not accept attachments or
even email message with the resume in-line, but only as an entry into a
preconfigured box on a web page. I had to de-format my word processed,
style encumbered resume, the only one I had. It was pretty laborious.

Another reason. The formatting in the original Mac Word resume didn't
render perfectly in Open Office so I figured the reverse would also
hold. I thought I could use a text version from which I could whip up
'custom' formatted versions specific to Word, Mac and/or Windows.

A third reason, killing several learning birds, that is, learning a text
editor, but with a clear purpose. 

Finally, I thought I'd like to dip my toes into the waters of
typesetting, eventually doing a Joe-pro version in TeX or LaTeX (sp?). I
was wondering if I could then make a PDF from that which is suitable for
email attachment. You lay out this reason above, Jack. 

Stylistically, a plain jane resume might actually be a better hook in my
field of public administration. Retro, ironically, might actually be
trendy, like ubiquitous use of those courier typewriter fonts, splotchy
and unevenly spaced. Wouldn't go that far, by you get my drift. 

Maybe someone will toss in a couple more cents on resume preparation. 

Bob Ashley


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