[nSLUG] Re: Need fix for plain text showing garbage in Mac (Word)

Tony Rowe ay986 at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed May 18 11:59:04 ADT 2005

On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 10:28:15AM -0300, Donald Teed wrote:
> Back in the "old days" you also had to memorize the use of h,j,k,l
> keys for cursor movement.  Playing rogue/larn (now known as
> nethack) was useful training for the cursor movement keys.

Rogue!!!  Still my primary game. :) I keep finding new [to me] things
that endear me to the Tim Stoehr version in Debian's bsdgames-nonfree. 
My latest discovery is that it is an advantage to avoid collecting gold
$'s in the early and middle levels because having 0$ means that
Leprechauns will attack without doing any damage perpetually and so can
be used as buffers while recharging Hit Points in rooms full of monsters
(I can't believe I wrote that - but how many games do you know where
money is evil?  And don't even try to tell me that that's a bug and 
not a feature).

I wish that the license could be clarified (as happened recently with
Angband) so the game could be moved into main, but who knows where Tim
Stoehr might be (I think his tektronix!zeus!tims! address might be out
of date) ;)?  I have googled him many times over the years and kept an
eye on rec.games.roguelike.rogue but no sign of him anywhere for at
least ten years.  Hell, he might have passed into the dungeons himself
by now.  Anyone who knows how Tim might be contacted do please let me
know - I'd like to at least thank him for that little miracle he helped
to create so long ago - plus I am grieved to see Rogue languish in
nonfree just for want of a clarification of a small, somewhat obscure
and long outstanding detail and I would love an opportunity to approach
him about clarifying the offending clause.

That is all.  Sorry for the interruption but the temptation to have a
little public rave about this vital issue was too much for me to resist.

(KIlled by a Phantom on level 20 with 0$)


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