[nSLUG] Re: Need fix for plain text showing garbage in Mac (Word)

Crawford, Andrew (IT) Andrew.Crawford at morganstanley.com
Wed May 18 10:48:23 ADT 2005

Let the editor wars commence :) 

> There are lots of things you can do in vi, but really there 
> are only a few keys you really need to know to survive a 
> session in vi or any vi emulator:

OK, let's look at the emacs equivalents.
> a - append (insert after cursor)

Emacs: just type

> i - insert (insert before cursor)

Emacs: just type

> dd - delete a line

Emacs: ctrl-K by default

> x - delete one char

Emacs: just hit "delete" or "backspace" like in any modern environment

> Esc - end insert or append mode

Emacs: what is this "mode" of which you speak?

> arrow keys - move cursor

Emacs: arrow keys - move cursor. Or use the mouse in X.

> :wq (write and quit) :q (quit)

Emacs: ctrl-x ctrl-s (save) ctrl-x ctrl-c (quit)

Anyone can learn to be basically productive in either vi or emacs, but in fact real, traditional vi is a very limited editor.

For instance, try:

> perl -e 'print "extremely long line " x 1000; print "\n"; ' > longline
> vi longline

If you're running a REAL vi (like the one that comes with Solaris) you'll get:

	"longline" Line too long

(OK, I admit vim doesn't have this problem but vim is not vi)


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