[nSLUG] Re: Need fix for plain text showing garbage in Mac (Word)

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Wed May 18 10:28:15 ADT 2005

I spent 30 seconds with emacs in terminal mode
back in 1992 or so.  When I saw all of the
commands that involved control sequences I
said forget it.  I don't like key commands that are
that complicated and open to further error than
one key commands.  Mac OS was like that too.

There are lots of things you can do in vi, but
really there are only a few keys you really need
to know to survive a session in vi or any vi emulator:

a - append (insert after cursor)
i - insert (insert before cursor)
dd - delete a line
x - delete one char
Esc - end insert or append mode
arrow keys - move cursor (usually work these days - move left, right, up, down)
:wq (write and quit)
:q (quit)

Back in the "old days" you also had to memorize the use of h,j,k,l
keys for cursor movement.  Playing rogue/larn (now known as
nethack) was useful training for the cursor movement keys.

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