[nSLUG] Re: Need fix for plain text showing garbage in Mac (Word)

bob ashley ashley at chebucto.ca
Tue May 17 21:50:44 ADT 2005

Thanks Michael. Perspective is everything. A so-called "rant" from one
side is merely a "strong conviction" from the other. 

One's friends will praise your perseverance, while one's enemies censure
this same behavior as obstinance. 

You didn't mention vi. What's your opinion on that one?



On Tue, 2005-17-05 at 21:04 -0300, Mike Spencer wrote:
> [ Warning: This turned into kind of a pro-Emacs rant so I hadda ]
> [ scroll up and add this warning.                               ]
> > Short-term aim: A generic text file which renders a clean read for Mac,
> > Windows users, whatever.  
> Try jed (which comes with Slackware; Other distros?).  Rediculously
> simple-minded, on-screen menu help etc.
> > Long-term aim: Extricate myself from the old word processing/GUI
> > habit, go to text editing. Select and learn a suitable editor, with
> > the long haul in mind.
> Learn the basics of vim for the reason that Ben said.  I just finished
> a horribly mangled install involving flakey drives, flakey CDs,
> unknown Heisenbugs etc.  Vim was the only editor available to fix up
> the basic config files.  I don't use it much but I have a simplified
> refcard that will get me through writing a lilo.conf or tweaking an
> rc.inetd.
> Then start learning GNU Emacs.  Start emacs with the command (in an
> xterm or console) "emacs -nw" which will eliminate all (or most) of
> the chrome.  Omitting "-nw" will cause emacs to open it's own window
> in X and enable a bunch of GUI stuff.  Use GNU Emacs 20.x (Say,
> 20.7.2) instead of 21.x.  The FSF folks have begun to add what I
> regard as infuriating fripperies and GUI-goo with emacs 21.  YMMV.
> GNU emacs is the Unimog of text editors.  It would be the
> horripilating Winebago of text editors [1] were it not for the fact
> that you can disable (or just not enable) the vast collection of
> chrome, ideosyncratic add-ons, clever hacker tricks, toys etc. And of
> course there are clever tricks to deal with *your* ideosyncratic
> expectations.
> Here's one big win for emacs: You can run an interactive shell within
> emacs.  You know when you type a command and pages of output scroll
> unreadably off the screen?  So you retype the command | less but now
> you have less using up your xterm/console?  And if you want to
> compare that output with some other output, you can't unless you do it
> in another xterm?
> If you type a command at a shell prompt running within emacs, all the
> output scrolls up as usual but it remains in the edit buffer.  Edit
> buffers are arbitrarily large (2G max? 1G? I forget.) so you don't
> lose anything from a prolonged series of related commands.  The only
> downside is that the "TERM" is "dumb" so you have to switch to another
> xterm for commands that use enhanced terminal capabilities -- man,
> say, or top.
> I do mail, news, file management, text editing and most command line
> stuff within emacs and have several instances running all the time.
> Than you for listening to my rant. :-)
> - Mike
> [1] With a Lexus in tow, with a Miata in tow behind that, with his 'n
>     hers ATVs trailered behind that, 6 bicycles, 4 surfboards and 8
>     pairs of skis on the roof next to the sat uplink/artillery ranger
>     and two dirt bikes strapped to the rear bulkhead and...  You get
>     the picture.  Only with emacs you can opt to have just, say, the
>     dirt bike and the Barcalounger with built-in bar.
> -- 
> Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
>                                                            /V\ 
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