[nSLUG] Need fix for plain text showing garbage in Mac (Word)

bob ashley ashley at chebucto.ca
Tue May 17 17:49:04 ADT 2005

A practical problem to do with text/word processing. Perhaps someone has
a suggestion. [new user question]

I wrote a gedit (default GUI text editor/Debian sarge/Gnome) file of my
resume. Sent it to my wife at work. She says it's no good, sundry
garbage characters for apostrophes, parentheses and such. I assumed
gedit would give me generic ASCI text. Whoops.

There are three Save Options:
1) Unicode (UTF-8)[default]
2) Current Locale (ISO-8859-1)
3) Western (ISO-8815-1)
4) Add or Remove

I saved the file as the default, Unicode, then emailed as an attachment.
She opened it at work with a Mac using Word. No good. 

Short-term aim: A generic text file which renders a clean read for Mac,
Windows users, whatever.  

Long-term aim: Extricate myself from the old word processing/GUI habit,
go to text editing. Select and learn a suitable editor, with the long
haul in mind. 
Googling around, I see the main instruments are pico (nano), vi, and
emacs. But I'm confused, though, by flavours of these, eg vim. 

I trust my local mentors more than the cyber news media. Appreciate any
views on this.

Many thanks, 

Bob Ashley 



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