[nSLUG] InstallFest success

James Bowes bowes at cs.dal.ca
Sat May 14 13:53:31 ADT 2005

On Thu, 2005-05-12 at 22:36 -0300, ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca wrote:
> Hello nslug,
> This is an overdue message to send many thanks to James Bowes, the many
> other organisers, the hosts and the participants of the InstallFest at Dal
> on April 30th 2005.


And thanks to you, Dan, for the awesome presentation at CEOS.

> This was a great event to geek talk with local folks and I think that we
> should have a similar event sometimes in the future.

Agreed. This is when you'll give us the GNU R tutorial, right? :P



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