[nSLUG] Chapter Four

robert ashley at chebucto.ca
Wed May 11 21:17:53 ADT 2005

Thanks for everyone's time and effort trying to get my printer
functioning. I imagine that 90% of the problem is probably just "talking
the lay person" through the procedures. Your patience is much

On the one hand it's interesting to see the individual diagnostic
approaches and explanations. On the other, I need to try to sort out the
the different poses struck by different messages by different coaches. I
feel a little disorientation coming on! I'll try to summarize as best I
can the latest comments. [Apologies if there are errors in the

Scott Walker asks if I've tried installing jpeg devel libraries. [Yes]
He suggests that if hpijs [Yes] is installed then "[A]ll you need to do
is within cups config, add your printer. Selecting the proper driver.
[Crap, I don't know how to recognize what is or isn't a "proper" driver]

Jeff offers that apt-get-ting hpijs [Yes, done] should solve the
problem. [Not yet] He goes on to say that maybe I have not yet
successfully "installed the development bits of libjpeg [libjpeg.so 62
and libjpeg.so.62.0.0?], or that HP and Debian have different ideas of
where libjpeg should be installed." He adds "to rebuild the ldcache,
simply run "/sbin/ldconfig' no options. [So I did that]

Bill focused on possible link problems with libjpeg.so.62 and
libjpeg.so.62.0.0, also looking at what ldconfig might fix. [I don't
think I followed his directions correctly, though one stab seemed to
create the kind of link (among others) he was gearing in on in his
theoretical discussion]

Dop reminds me that apt-get has just installed hpijs. [Yes] He suggests
going to the web interface of CUPS and set up a new printer. [I did do
that also, meeting no success. Test print from the CUPS site fails]. He
adds that I might have to set something up manually in /etc or similar. 

Michael Spencer did an end-around play, by raising the lprng option,
saying "it's better than beating your head against CUPS." [Ha!]

So, a interesting demonstration of how different Linux surgeons, from a
distance, are "talking the lay person" through various incisions in the

The chest cavity is sprung open, and the surgical team, collectively,
agree that at least that the patient ought to live. But there is a some
disparity concerning best procedures, and what *should* work, but at
this juncture, is not. 

Where do I make the next cut?  







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