[nSLUG] Chapter Three - Some HP Installation Progress.

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Wed May 11 14:09:34 ADT 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-05 at 12:01 -0300, robert wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-11-05 at 10:11 -0300, Dop Ganger wrote:
> config.status:713: creating Makefile
> config.status:896: executing depfiles commands
> configure:23118: configuring in prnt/hpijs
> configure:23235: running /bin/sh './configure' --prefix=/usr
> '--prefix=/usr' --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=.
> configure:23240: error: /bin/sh './configure' failed for prnt/hpijs
> Hence, it appears that after apt-get install hpijs there is no change in
> status. Did you happen to see Bill's suggestion? 

As others have stated, apt-get-ting hpijs should solve your problem with
printing, but for instructional purposes:

It looks like the top-level configure is fine ("creating Makefiles" is
generally the final step), but it also invokes other configure scripts
in the source tree. So the top level configure tells you that something
else (which happens to also be called configure) has failed, but has
only logged the (un)successfulness of that other thing. If you wanted to
investigate further, there probably is a completely separate config.log
under the prnt/hpijs directory.


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