[nSLUG] Chapter Three - Some HP Installation Progress.

robert ashley at chebucto.ca
Wed May 11 11:54:56 ADT 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-05 at 10:02 -0300, Bill Davidson wrote:
> Hi:
> On Wed, 2005-11-05 at 00:13 -0300, robert wrote:
> > # find /lib /usr/lib -name *libjpeg*
> > 
> > /usr/lib/libjpeg.so.62.0.0
> > /usr/lib/libjpeg.so.62
> > 
> To compile a program and link it against libjpeg you will need either
> libjpeg.a (but that's not what you want because that is a static
> library) or libjpeg.so, which should be a symbolic link to
> libjpeg.so.x.y.z.  So the linker can't find libjpeg.so to link your
> program to.  Usually running ldconfig (as root) will build those links
> for you.

Thanks for assisting, Bill. Appreciate it.

I'm sure this is sinking in, sorry Bill. I'll iterate my innocent
interpretation of what you're saying and what I did and perhaps you can
correct my misreading.  

I looked in the hplip directory finding /prnt/hpijs.

Then I looked in the config.log to find this error

configure:23118: configuring in prnt/hpijs
configure:23235: running /bin/sh './configure' --prefix=/usr
'--prefix=/usr' --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=.
configure:23240: error: /bin/sh './configure' failed for prnt/hpijs

If I understand Jack correctly, libjep.so.62 first looked like a missing
library. Then we found this missing library. So, is this library NOT
missing, but rather just not linked properly? 

You say above, "the linker can't find libjpeg.so to link your program
to." and that perhaps ldconfig will "build these links". 

Could you specify the directory environment and the options/arguments
for the ldconfig command? Is the link built between libjpep.so.62 and
libjep.so.62.0.0? Or is the link built between libjpeg.so.62
and /prnt/hpijs? Is libjpeg.so.62.0.0 irrelevant now? Perhaps, if you
spell out the command details it'll help clarify the operation for me? 

Sheeeesh, I ask a lot of questions, eh?





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