[nSLUG] New User Advise

robert ashley at chebucto.ca
Tue May 10 20:28:29 ADT 2005

On Tue, 2005-10-05 at 18:12 -0300, Jeff Warnica wrote:
> To continue with this music analogy, pianists are not expected to be
> piano tuners. And, for that matter, while some piano courses (piano for
> 8 year olds) integrate musical theory (which, for 8yo may be only
> notation), others (MUIS 1010, Keyboarding I) do not - having musical
> theory in a separate course, or courses (MUIS 0900: Musical Theory For
> Rock Guitarists and MUIS 1020: Musical Theory For Musicians).
> Whats my point? This discussion was about getting print drivers to work.
> If you want to print something now, just apt-get/yum install/point-click
> and print something. If you want to learn all about printing and
> compiling stuff, then go crazy. But given that the entire point of a
> "distribution" is to make easy things easy, then work with the system to
> make it happen.

Thanks for 'tuning' up the music analogy. 

To your point. For a beginner, the very crossroad of choices you
describe is not highly visible. That is to say, I was not even aware
that I had this facile option you describe (and Dop too). My assumption
got further skewed by first going to the HP Linux printer site and
finding what looked like simple, simple installation instructions. So, I
didn't even realize the choices you describe were available. 

Lots of pianists don't know that you can play a C-major chord on the
guitar 12 different ways, more if you're da bomb. 

I think what happened is I still possess a hefty residue of Mac/Windows
methodology. You go to this manufacturer's site, then that one to find
their drivers. You scurry hither and thither. Being at the centre of o/s
universe, so to speak, doing everything from a kind of a Star Trekian
Linux 'bridge' is a completely new paradigm for me. I scurried when I
should have simply said, like Captain Picard, "Make it so".  

Lots of fun, though, pretty funny actually. Funny, as in I feel like
I've got my brand new skates on the wrong feet! Not a pretty sight, but


Back to the point of your pointed point. In your opinion do you think
it's best to just start over and try the 'Make it so' option? No prob
with that, I'm in no great rush. I might learn something.



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