[nSLUG] New User Advise

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Tue May 10 18:12:56 ADT 2005

To continue with this music analogy, pianists are not expected to be
piano tuners. And, for that matter, while some piano courses (piano for
8 year olds) integrate musical theory (which, for 8yo may be only
notation), others (MUIS 1010, Keyboarding I) do not - having musical
theory in a separate course, or courses (MUIS 0900: Musical Theory For
Rock Guitarists and MUIS 1020: Musical Theory For Musicians).

Whats my point? This discussion was about getting print drivers to work.
If you want to print something now, just apt-get/yum install/point-click
and print something. If you want to learn all about printing and
compiling stuff, then go crazy. But given that the entire point of a
"distribution" is to make easy things easy, then work with the system to
make it happen.
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