[nSLUG] New User Advise

Gerard MacNeil aa030 at chebucto.ns.ca
Tue May 10 14:13:27 ADT 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-10 at 10:57 -0300, robert wrote:
> This idea of learning Linux squares with that metaphor of the 'cathedral
> and the bazaar'. It need not refer only to o/s progress in development,
> but also to oss learning. And the pun on bazaar, 'bizarre', fits. 
> That just said is not a criticism, but merely an observation. In fact,
> the very idea that oss has not been captured, colonized and domesticated
> by the usual institutional pedagogs (demagogs?), makes it all the more
> stiumulating a learning environment. 

A learning environment indeed.  You have recently achieved the first
step, getting a FOSS operating system installed. Do not assume you know
how to use it.  Getting the computer started with all the hardware
recognized properly can be challenging. There are also several thousand
other possible pieces of software you may want to run as well.

FOSS is not a singular thing, and no generalization can be applied
effectively that cannot be said of computer software generally.  Like
cars, you have to learn how to drive the thing before you take it on the

Your issue now is what to learn.  That will depend upon how much you
already know and what you are out to achieve.  What I am suggesting is
that carefully choose what it is you want to learn first.

FOSS has indeed been captured by the 'gogs and the like.  Fact is, they
invented it.  



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