[nSLUG] make, Makefile hurdle [new user query]

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Mon May 9 18:50:03 ADT 2005

On Mon, 2005-09-05 at 18:27 -0300, robert wrote:
> Re: 'make' fails with installation of HP printer Deskjet 3650
> George suggested checking config.log. Thanks George, the log indeed
> reveals that ./configure did bail out several times. I searched
> config.log for "error", "choke" and "fail", then contextualized and
> sequenced the results below.  
> Summary:
> Failed programs: cplusplus, confdefs.h, program main (GNUC)
> Other errors (1): cannot find cups-devel support (21041)
> Two Questions:
> 1) Can the failure of 'make' be attributed to these config errors?
> 2) What is my next best step in the troubleshoot procedure? 
> Suggestions appreciated!

configure generated the Makefile. It wont build until configure
completes cleanly. 

The second error should be easy to solve.. You need the development part
of the CUPS package. (CUPS being "common unix printing system"). I have
no idea what that would be called under Debain, however. The first error
is likely the result of the later: a small test compile fails because it
is missing the devel package.


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