[nSLUG] make, Makefile hurdle [new user query]

robert ashley at chebucto.ca
Mon May 9 01:32:42 ADT 2005

[Thanks to Jonathan and Doug (and the DAL ACM students) for a great
installfest last Saturday.]

I've followed HP's instructions for installing hpslip to get a HP
DeskJet 3650 operative under Debian sarge (with 2.4 kernel). My query
seeks a logical 'next step' to surmount a hurdle I've encountered at the
'make' stage.

in the directory... debian:/home/bobby/hpslip-0.9.2#

# make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefiles found. Stop.


#ls -a 
[this returns, among other files, two 'Makefiles', which are
'Makefile.am' and 'Makefile.in'] 

Are these Makefile.am and Makefile.in files subsidiary makefiles which
need to be specified for 'make' to do its job properly? 

Suggestions appreciated.

Bob Ashley



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