[nSLUG] Newbie needs help

Doug McComber doug.mccomber at gmail.com
Sat May 7 11:15:48 ADT 2005

Hi Preston,

What exactly do you mean by "delete the vfat partition"?  Do  you mean
the vfat line in fstab is gone?  Or did you delete all the files but
the vfat partition is still there?  Or, did you use a partitioning
tool (such as fdisk) and now the partition (hda1) is no longer there?

>From the console (or an xterm) when you type:

     fdisk /dev/hda

then type p and press enter.  You should see a listing of all
partitions.  Is /dev/hda1 there?  If it is, does it say vfat under the
system column?  If so, then your vfat partition is still there.  If
the hda1 partition is gone you can sometimes recover it by simply
adding a new partition with the same specs (start block, end block,
etc).  This is because as long as the data has not been overwritten it
is still physically on the hard drive.

If on the other hand, you have deleted the files while in Linux, then
I doubt there is any way to recover them.

Good luck!

On 5/6/05, Preston Smith <prsmith at ns.sympatico.ca> wrote:
> I just installed Ubuntu 5.04 and all went remarkably well - no real
> installation problems.  Picked up all components and automagically
> configured my home network.
> Then I wanted to be able to see my vfat drives and following the Ubuntu
> guide I edited the fstab.  Sub how or other when I was doing this and
> testing it I managed to delete the vfat partition that contained all of
> my programs - W98 is on hda1, my Windows progs are (were) on hda5,
> Ubuntu is on hdb1 and the linux swap is on hdb5.  There are a number of
> other partitions on hda and all except hda5 are OK.
> Is there a way to recover the data on hda5 from either W98 or Linux?
> Thanks
> Preston
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