[nSLUG] Newbie needs help

Preston Smith prsmith at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri May 6 20:45:29 ADT 2005

I just installed Ubuntu 5.04 and all went remarkably well - no real
installation problems.  Picked up all components and automagically
configured my home network.

Then I wanted to be able to see my vfat drives and following the Ubuntu
guide I edited the fstab.  Sub how or other when I was doing this and
testing it I managed to delete the vfat partition that contained all of
my programs - W98 is on hda1, my Windows progs are (were) on hda5,
Ubuntu is on hdb1 and the linux swap is on hdb5.  There are a number of
other partitions on hda and all except hda5 are OK.

Is there a way to recover the data on hda5 from either W98 or Linux? 



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