[nSLUG] InfoInteractive looking for System Administrators

Jamie Fifield jamie at fifield.ca
Thu May 5 13:05:51 ADT 2005

We are looking for SA's for 6 month contract positions.  I do not have
job descriptions yet unfortunately.  What we do is telephony stuff,
basically.  We are owned by AOL and this work would all be for the AOL
side of our business.

I'm told the intent is the make the contract permanent at the end of 6
months, but hey, you never know in business.  And if you suck we're
probably not going to keep you either.

As far as experience requirements, well, experience is good.  Our
atmosphere is fairly relaxed, but we're professional system admins
(~100 servers, ~1m customers, %99.98 availabilty, etc).  I'm not doing
the hiring personally, but what I'm trying to say is that running a
network in your basement is not really professional experience IMO.

Our office is located in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

If you are interested, send me questions or resumes.

Jamie Fifield
System Administrator @ Voice Services
InfoInteractive Corp., an AOL Company
9028323189  jamie at aol.net


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