[nSLUG] High School Job Shadowing

Logan Attwood nightmare at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed May 4 00:26:25 ADT 2005

Now I have the much needed clarification. On May 11th I would show up at the
place of job shadowing, and I would see what you do, see what others do in
the same office if possible. Sometimes tasks can be delegated to the job
shadowee as well. Essentially we're supposed to be going to a career we
would like to see ourselves in, in a number of years to make sure that it's
right for us. I'm located in Woodside in Dartmouth, and I'm able to go just
about wherever the busses can take me for a job shadowing placement. I sent
the email off to here because I imagine some members of the list have
network administrator in their job description, and that's somewhere I'd
like to see myself in a few years time.

If any places that could potentially take me in on May 11th could please
e-mail me, it would be greatly appreciated, as then I can get further
details from you, along with the location of your workplace and such.

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> Hello, I'm a Grade 10 student who has been using Linux for about 3 and a
> half years. I was wondering if anyone subscribed to the list would be able
> to provide a location for me to do my Career Life Management job shadowing
> project at, on May 11th, 2005.
> Thanks,
> Logan Attwood
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