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Devan Goodwin dcgoodwin at gmail.com
Mon May 2 14:07:36 ADT 2005

I switched to Ubuntu after several years with Debian and a few months
with Gentoo. It's by far the best distro I've ever used. I run the
amd64 port and out of the box I had a system up and running with
almost no intervention. Sound, firewire, usb, my jaw hit the floor
when I plugged in my digicam and was immediately greeted with a "would
you like to import photos" dialog. They've done a spectacular job
configuring Gnome and integrating Synaptic/apt.

Things get a little hairy when you start coloring outside the lines a
litte. I've had alot of trouble getting my own kernel compiled and
working within the confines of their packages and system
configuration, but some of that had to do with my nvidia drivers and
the order in which I installed them through Ubuntu and then on my own.
Not a serious concern.

Also have a bit of trouble with window managers. I've had bugs pop up
trying to switch to Openbox from Metacity within Gnome, as well as
trying to just run standalone Fluxbox, but I'm currently working on
this. I also suspect some of these problems are related to packages in
the amd64 port, as I can't find any users encountering similar

Haven't been through an upgrade yet, I started with the Hoary preview
release which updated itself as they were finalizing it. Once the
release is out the updates virtually stop across the board, which I
don't really like as I'm used to Debian unstable, but a 6 month
release cycle isn't bad and I believe you can run the equivalent of
Ubuntu unstable if you wish. Fortunately they're very proactive with
the core software components and seem to release with the latest and

Excellent distro, and worth taking a look at. It's so easy to install
and get up and running that it won't cost you much time to just take a
look. They also offer a nice live cd for those who want to check it
out without mangling their current setup.



On 5/2/05, Scott Walker <crimson at unspeakable.org> wrote:
> What are peoples thoughts on Ubuntu?
> Stability?
> Upgrade procuedure from 1 version of Ubuntu to the next.
> How Debian like is it?
> Short comings?
> I'm interesting in trying it out, but I would like to gather some
> thoughts on it before I potentially waste my time.
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