[nSLUG] Thoughts on Ubuntu....

Rory rory at unixism.org
Tue May 3 15:12:53 ADT 2005

I really, really like it.  I was looking for a no-fuss distro to throw
on my laptop because with my current schedule I have no time to tinker
as I normally would.

The installation was flawless for me, hardware detection perfect (even
with broadcom and centrino).  My only major complaint so far is that
editing the menus is a complete pain.  This is actually a flaw in Gnome
2.10 itself more than Ubuntu specifically.

Given my past experience with Dell laptops and Linux I was pleasantly
surprised and I find it suiting me very well for a dev workstation.


Scott Walker wrote:

> What are peoples thoughts on Ubuntu?
> Stability?
> Upgrade procuedure from 1 version of Ubuntu to the next.
> How Debian like is it?
> Short comings?
> I'm interesting in trying it out, but I would like to gather some
> thoughts on it before I potentially waste my time.


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