[nSLUG] Thoughts on Ubuntu....

rejean chamberland laudire2you at yahoo.ca
Mon May 2 22:58:22 ADT 2005

--- Scott Walker <crimson at unspeakable.org> wrote:
> What are peoples thoughts on Ubuntu?
> Stability?
> Upgrade procuedure from 1 version of Ubuntu to the
> next.
> How Debian like is it?
> Short comings?
> I'm interesting in trying it out, but I would like
> to gather some 
> thoughts on it before I potentially waste my time.

Hi Scott! 
Here is a novice answering so take it for what it is
I had Ubuntu among other distros ( Xandros, SuSE,
Mandrake and Knoppix) working for about 6 months. It
worked find on my old machine (500 Mhz, S3 Trio video
card) then Kubuntu came along a few weeks ago and the
latest Ubuntu. I have tried installing and running
both without any luck. I have both the live CD and the
install CD for both.
That being said I couldn't run or install PCLos,
Simply Mepis with another special one based on PCLos
and Mandrake for a few weeks, until last week when I
finally found the right cheatcode working on my
specific machine.
I checked in all cases the Md5sums but I am still
hoping that when I'll received the official release of
Ubuntu I can make it work.
So, for about 6 months Ubuntu worked fine for me,
could see all the other distros and the other (Win XP)
machine on the network.

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