[nSLUG] performance and schedulers

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Wed Jun 22 08:19:21 ADT 2005

Good Day all:

I have read the various items on schedulers and performance and have several 

1)  With a careful test of each of the various schedulers and their tunable 
paramters, how much performance gain could one expect?   Are we talking 10. 15 
or 30% change?

2)  Would a selection of higher performance components in the system give you a 
quicker and cheaper performance gain?  In other words is it more productive to 
just go buy a bigger box?  I am more hardware oriented and find that well 
matched components often give much better performance gain, than hours spent 
tweaking the OS.  Thoughts??

3)  What do you do when the app(s) running on the box or the storage needs of 
the app changes?  Do you have to go through the tweaking process all over 

4)  Are there guidelines to use if application characteristics are known?

5)  Are there any automatic tuning apps that can run in the background and 
monitor the various loads and then recommend a recomplie with different 
options?  I know there used to be such a tool for SCO that if left running for 
a week or so would recommend changes.  In one case the performance gain was 
truly dramatic.


Jim H


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