[nSLUG] Tip on APC warranty RMAs!

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 09:38:50 ADT 2005

On 6/20/05, J. Paul Bissonnette <jpaulb at eastlink.ca> wrote:
> So it ended on a good note.

I'm not 100% satisfied.  It was claimed to take 10 business days - that's
2 weeks - to get my return unit.  For some weird reason my replacement
came from Warwick, RI, not Mississauga where I sent mine.
That explains why Mississauga fulfillment didn't know about it.

When I returned the APC UPS, I packed in all cables, etc., out of fear some
rubber stamper would say it isn't complete.  Also in the past, RMA
replacements I've seen for other things, are normal boxed
product like at retail. The replacement unit included
the plastic base for the UPS and the main unit, only.  I need
a communications cable most of all.

I emailed APC Support immediately to ask that a communications cable be
sent to me.  India based Tech Support responded with the tracking
number of the unit I just told them I had received.  Duh!  Forget email
and APC - it is worthless - phones get you someone in the States
that can really help.
> Many companies try to increase their profit margin, by hiring only staff
> that is willing to work for minimum wage or lower. You know the quality
> you get for that.

I think the real problem is that it is unlinked - it is a seperate
company that provides the service, and there is no electronic
connection of any type.  Getting information would require a phone
call, and the guy answering email in India isn't about to get on
the phone to ask about it.  That is why I was trying to do it, but
I wasn't reaching the place (Rhode Island) that would actually handle it.
> I don't shop at Staples it's American, Future Shop is a box pusher, it
> seems that every thing I buy was discontinued shortly afterwards, :) or
> a replacement was not in stock, they are a last resort for any thing
> that may require assistance or technical help.

I don't think there is anyone in my region that can provide "service"
on a UPS to an extent beyond my own capabilities.  Staples
and Future Shop, love them or hate them, normally have low prices
compared to "Joe's Computers".  I'd never make use of the
service department beyond refund/replace activities.  There
are some exceptions, and in Halifax that would probably be
Greenlyph, but they don't carry UPSes.

> I am looking for a local
> shop that speaks service and doesn't try to screw me because I am new in
> the area.  That has happened once already in Antigonish, I took my
> laptop to a shop on the main street to get more RAM installed, the owner
> told me to come hack in a hour(???) They charged me half hour labour to
> install the RAM, 3 guesses who I do not recommend?

I've also seen many a local computer store consistantly rip off
their loyal customer.  I recall one shop in northern Ontario that
quoted over $200 for SDRAM that was listed at $90 elseswhere
in southern Ontario.  There is a little premium you expect to
pay in the boonies, and then there is "you'll have to believe
our prices because we are the only store in town".

But people are willing to pay for the warm and fuzzies.
$50 to have a spyware scan or Win XP SP2 (just the SP run
itself) at Staples.  And they will go to a local computer shop
to hear the friendly banter for the same reasons.


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