[nSLUG] Tip on APC warranty RMAs!

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 20:47:37 ADT 2005

My APC UPS died awhile ago.  Tech Support gave me the RMA
address in Mississauga.  I just learned today that I could have
had them pay for the shipping there.  APC Tech Support did not
tell me this was an option.

To arrange for them to pay for shipping, you have to call
Kuehne& Nagel, a huge fulfillment house, in advance of
shipping your UPS in for RMA replacement.
The number for Kuehne and Nagel in Mississauga is
(905) 670-6901.

This allows you to ship it by a method with tracking, without
paying about 1/2 the cost of your UPS for shipping.
Shipping with tracking is very, very, important to how
this operation works.  They seem to use the courier's
tracking numbers rather than RMA numbers.


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