[nSLUG] Re: X11 is not X-Windows

Crawford, Andrew (IT) Andrew.Crawford at morganstanley.com
Thu Jun 16 10:18:17 ADT 2005

> > > to it that way colloquially, preferring the shorter X11 or X.
> > 
> > ..or "X windows".
> Please tell me you're yanking my chain. :)

Well, to an extent. The fact that "X-windows" isn't it's name doesn't change the fact that many people call it that, as acknowledged in the Wikipedia article you linked to.

"The term "X Windows" (in the manner of "Microsoft Windows") is officially deprecated and generally considered incorrect, though it has been in common use since the inception of X"

English is not a prescriptive language. Words mean what people mean by them. If a lot of people call it "X-Windows", and there is general understanding of what is meant by that, then that's one of its names. There is no "Academie Anglaise" - nobody has the authority in the English language to "deprecate" a word or phrase.



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