[nSLUG] Linux on X86 Powerbooks

George N. White III gnw3 at acm.org
Wed Jun 15 17:33:46 ADT 2005

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Jason Kenney wrote:

>>  Given that Matlab runs on unix and linux, it woudl be pretty simple for
>>  Mathworks to release a version that uses X-windows.  That is what some
>>  other vendors have done.
> What do you mean by uses X-windows? Isn't the matlab GUI entirely java-based 
> anyway?

I'm pretty sure they still have X-windows based code -- can you still 
get plots running matlab on *n*x with java disabled?

> I agree with the rest of your analysis, except that I think Matlab intends to 
> make a significant profit on the University market, while Adobe does not.

Certainly non-teaching university sales are more important to Matlab than 
Adobe, and in many cases it is hard to separate university from 
business/goverment because many industry/government researchers maintain
ties to universities, and some big US gov't labs are actually run by 
universities (Los Alamos Nat'l lab was run thru the U. of Calif. for many
years and must have by far the highest per capita Matlab license numbers 
of any town).


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