[nSLUG] Followup Re: X freeze etc. Thanks all.

George White aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Jun 10 07:48:14 ADT 2005

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Mike Spencer wrote:

>     As a security cam, a Logitech Quickcam [1] is a bit fuzzy. A
>     352x288 image isn't sharp enough to reliably ID a subject at 20'
>     or resolve identifying details in arbitrary lighting.  Test was my
>     unique belt buckle.  I ran Motion while tidying up the shop for
>     the night.  Couldn't resolve the buckle with any degree of
>     certainty in any of the captrured images, even after tweaking
>     gamma etc. in (ImageMagick's) display.
>     On a PII CPU, Motion loses a lot of frames, too many to expect to
>     capture individual gesture, posture or identifying nuance except
>     by chance good luck.

Too bad, because it is possible to combine a series of low-res,
low-bits-per-pixel images to generate a high-res image, with deep pixels.
Ideally the "object of interest" will be a fixed shape (a unique belt
buckle is ideal) moving a fraction of a pixel from one frame to the next.
Take a series of images, convert to a higher resolution, and "warp" each
to a standard view.  Combine the resulting images (e.g., by summing and
rescaling) and you can get very high quality.

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