[nSLUG] Followup Re: X freeze etc. Thanks all.

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Jun 10 03:33:39 ADT 2005

> I have some 72-pin RAM I can part with.
> Gerard

Thanks, Gerard, but I think I've maxed out the machine's capacity with
a 128M DIMM that I had on hand.  I sort of expected it not to work
because I'd had an instance where it was seen as only 32M on an older
mobo.  Apparently this one (vague manual specs implying the contrary
notwithstanding) will support it correctly.  And it appears to be
enough: according to top, X and the cam apps don't max out the RAM as
they did with only 32M.

It's out in the studio, dumping pics to my main box whenever anything
moves (which, for the moment, is nothing, just as it ought to be :-)
as I write.


    As a security cam, a Logitech Quickcam [1] is a bit fuzzy. A
    352x288 image isn't sharp enough to reliably ID a subject at 20'
    or resolve identifying details in arbitrary lighting.  Test was my
    unique belt buckle.  I ran Motion while tidying up the shop for
    the night.  Couldn't resolve the buckle with any degree of
    certainty in any of the captrured images, even after tweaking
    gamma etc. in (ImageMagick's) display.

    On a PII CPU, Motion loses a lot of frames, too many to expect to
    capture individual gesture, posture or identifying nuance except
    by chance good luck.

- Mike

[1] Model?  Ghod knows.  No (external) identifying marks. VV6410

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