[nSLUG] Thinking About Relocating

Brian May bmay at pobox.com
Thu Jun 9 13:19:51 ADT 2005

Damien Tougas wrote:
> - What is the current tech job market like in that area? My areas of 
> expertise are FreeBSD/Linux (mostly FreeBSD) server administration, and 
> web application development. (For anyone interested, my resume can be 
> found at http://www.tougas.net/resume.pdf).

In Nova Scotia Halifax is pretty much the core area for technology.
I moved back here 4.5 years ago from out west.  If you have
skills that are in demand or are specific this can help you.  I'm
not sure how big the market is in Maine but I find the Halifax area
very small.

New Brunswick seem to always be hiring, you might want to check the
high tech areas in Fredericton and Moncton.  If you move to Moncton
be prepared for a little more snow in your life.

> - What I would really like to do is freelance/project based work. What 
> kind of demand and/or competition is there for stuff like this in that 
> area (if you know...)? Are there any regions that would be better than 
> others for this kind of thing? Here in Maine, I could do pretty well 
> with this kind of work (but I can't because I don't have a Green Card).

If your willing to find the contracts or wish to work for a consulting
company there are jobs around.  I worked at home for a couple of years
no problem.  Got tired of sitting in my office and home all the time
so back out to the work force I went.

> - What is the cost of living like from your perspective? Can a family 
> survive on local wages with a single income? We are not a dual income 
> family (and really don't want to be), so wherever we move, we would like 
> to be able to make it work on a single income.

Hard to say really.  Depends on what your skills are worth to a company.
I find the salaries on average a little low around Halifax but not bad.
Unless you have a big down payment for a home you won't be living in
the city.  House prices are inflated because of the low interest rates.

> I really know nothing about eastern Canada, having spent the majority of 
> my life in the west. If you have any options/advice regarding this 
> potential move, I would love to hear it.

I find the people out in mid-west very friendly and I think you will find
the same here in the east.  I found central Canada (Quebec/Ont) unfriendly.
The only friendly people in Ont were from the east for west.  (Exclude BC)


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