[nSLUG] Debian 3.1 (sarge) is released

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Jun 8 11:53:25 ADT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 11:05 -0300, Jack Warkentin wrote:
> I can't speak re your regular Debian installation, but on your Libranet
> 3.0 you should most definitely *not* update the sources.list. You should
> only update/upgrade that system using the Adminmenu. It the sources.list
> needs to be updated it will happen as part of that update/upgrade
> process.

I'm not a Libranet user, but I am left wondering why it is harmful to do
this.  Libranet is a Debian derivative.  Debian itself takes great pains
to *allow* admins to update all conf files by hand[1] and have the
system still work properly when automated system maintenance tools run
(e.g. the maintainer scripts in packages that run when a package
install, upgrade or removal is performed).

So, for instance, you might manually update sources.list and do an
apt-get update ; apt-get -u dist-upgrade, and all will be well.  Or, you
might manually update sources.list, and then go into Synaptic to do the
update and then the upgrade, and it will work equally well.  Or, you
might opt to do the whole thing from within Synaptic.  It does not
matter which way you do it.  It should "just work".

So if Libranet really does force you to use its own GUI-based admin
tools rather than the more comfortable way (for the seasoned admin) of
editing simple conf files and running simple command-line commands, then
it certainly lowers my opinion of Libranet.  But perhaps this is not the
case, and you've simply misunderstood what Libranet requires.

[0] There is an exception.  (There are always exceptions. :)  There are
certain conf files that are generated from other conf files, and
therefore they themselves should not be modified; the source conf
file(s) should be modified instead.  In such cases, the conf file is
clearly marked with comments at the top about this situation, e.g. at
the top of /etc/modules.conf:

### This file is automatically generated by update-modules
# Please do not edit this file directly. If you want to change or add
# anything please take a look at the files in /etc/modutils and read
# the manpage for update-modules.


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