[nSLUG] Local hosting service?

Michael D. Crawford crawford at goingware.com
Sun Jul 31 22:54:43 ADT 2005

Can anyone recommend a web hosting service that is physically located in 
Atlantic Canada?  Does anyone on this list run or work for such a host?

My wife Bonita has gone back into web design - she's at 
http://www.paperbeagle.com/  She wants to focus on work for local 
businesses, mainly because she prefers to be able to meet clients 
face-to-face.  She has the sense that most of her potential clients 
would prefer hosting locally.

We all know that it wouldn't matter whether they hosted in Halifax or 
Timbuktu as long as they had a reliable, high-speed connection, but the 
experience she had working for some small businesses back in Maine 
suggests that many clients would have a hard time grasping that.

My own experience with web hosting leads me to feel that what matters 
most in a host is being able to reach a live human when asking for 
support.  I think that would also be importants to Bonita's potential 
clients.  I'm pretty sure Aliant does hosting, and I imagine Eastlink 
does too, but my own experience has been much better with the smaller 
hosts I've used, the ones that were mom-and-pop operations.

Any recommendations and comments you may have are appreciated.


Michael D. Crawford
crawford at goingware.com

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