[nSLUG] Wireless at Dalhousie

Rob Thomas rob at fuzebox.org
Wed Jul 20 15:36:24 ADT 2005


I just moved to Halifax from Vancouver...  My girlfriend goes to Dal,
and I've been trying to get wireless on my notebook.  Never had a
problem with any wireless setup before, including airports and hotels
with pay access, but the Dal setup as me stumped.

So far I've downloaded the Cisco vpnclient from dal's site, and I can
get it to connect properly over the net from home using the girlfriend's
student id and password, but when I try on campus (from the Library
specifically), although I can connect to the network and get an ip
through dhcp, the vpnclient times out trying to find vpn.dal.ca, and I'm
stuck with all ip's resolving to the server with the "you have to be
authenticated using the vpn client" page.

Any Dal students running Linux on notebooks that can point me in the
right direction?




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