[nSLUG] Local hosting

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Mon Jul 18 17:29:14 ADT 2005

There has been much discussion of cost and services available for hosting.

We have a mostly reliable static connection with Eastlink.  We have been 
connected via Eastlink for more than 4 years.  Eastlink even does our DNS for 
now.  Yes by times we have issues with their DNS.

We host numerous commercial clients with special mail and database services.

We are wondering how many users want or need SSH access and what are their 
typical bandwidth and space needs.

We are prepared to put up a server with SSH service available to users.  Disk 
space is almost free. Remember at $300.00 for a 10k SCSI 72 GB harddisk 300mb 
is very inexpensive at about $1.25 to buy new  300 MB of capacity. Or 500mb 
about $2.00 to buy new.  Using Serial ATA or mirrored/duplexed PATA is even 
less so.  Bandwidth is more problematical than storage.  Disk space is for all 
intents and purposes free.  Most hosters max out bandwidth long before disk 

So if there is enough real need, let me know.  If you need gigs of bandwidth 
per day, it is out of the question. Having lesser BW and reasonable disk space 
of say 300-500mb is not a real issue.  Tell me what it is worth and how many of 
you are looking for hosting.  Current pricing is at www.hfxmail.com but this 
may be flexible under certain conditions.

Aliant seems to measure bandwidth only for commercial accounts.  Home users can 
download 2 pirated movies a day with no questions.  A commercial site having 10 
Gb of traffic a day and they scream blue murder.  I suspect all vendors will 
soon do this.

If you have a need that is not being met and want to have local hosting and 
support why not write and see what we can do for you.


Jim Haliburton


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