[nSLUG] getting sftp/ssh access at hosting ISP

Artson artson at hotpop.com
Thu Jul 7 07:45:17 ADT 2005

On 6 Jul 2005 at 12:34, Donald Teed wrote:

> I already have work I like.
> Privacy is already dead. Living in another country doesn't change it.
> For years the various security organization wings (e.g. Canada's
> Defence Security Establishment, now known as CSE) have worked around
> the national privacy laws by asking other countries to do the data
> gathering for them and exchanging the favor. The only difference since
> 9/11 is now they have an excuse to not be as concerned about privacy
> violations being revealed publicly.
> The idea of leasing a cheap colo server somewhere has
> appealed to me before, but I'd only want to do it with
> a group of users I could trust not to demand unknown
> things from it. (e.g. support from me.) Back when it was
> at least $150/month to do it, I could not find enough interested
> parties.

Hmm, I know a bit about CSE. They answer the phone, "Hello" and when you 
say is this so-and-so of such-and-such, they say "Who's speaking?" Reticent 

There is a deal of concern on the part of Canadians that their personal and 
financial records are being hosted on US-based servers, which renders them 
vulnerable to inspection by US law enforcement. It isn't that they might come 
after information on a specific individual, but that anyone's data is grist for 
their mill.  I now ask businesses where they keep my business/personal data 
and if it's the wrong answer, I go elsewhere. Many others do the same.

This fact weighs in favour of Canadian-located servers maintaining Canadian 
data. It tips the board in favour of Canadian hosting companies.

A fair number of successful businesses are started because the proprietor 
couldn't find equivalent services provided by others, saw the niche and 
plugged it.

The fact that you already have work you like is also one of the earmarks of 
other successfull entrepeneurs.

If you don't wanna, you don't wanna. I don't either, I'm too old and busy and 
preoccupied with other things. 

Still, capital investment isn't that great, the need is there and this region is 
amply stocked with expertise.

To quote my ancestors, "If y'all cain't find it, build it."

Best wishes.


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