[nSLUG] getting sftp/ssh access at hosting ISP

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 22:25:20 ADT 2005

On 7/6/05, Jeff Warnica <jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com> wrote:
> In the days of providers making great effort to choose the worst
> possible policy alternatives, running your own system is really the only
> choice.

What I found particularly disgusting is how they are not up front.
ssh access can mean temporary. ssh support can mean it is
available but it costs more ($25 setup and $1.25/month in the case
of midphase). Then there is the 100% refund if you are not
happy, but a chunk is taken out of that for credit card processing
fees ($20 in the case of sibername). Just learning what the
deal is costs money! I did send presales questions but they
are sometimes not answered, or they just provide a link
without actually answering my questions.

One place that is kinda "fun" for hosting is
My first server there had over 800 accounts on it. How did
I know that? ssh in. cd .. ; (to /home); ls | wc
I emailed support with some tips on hdparm - I could see
in the dmesg output that they were running the Celeron box
with IDE drive without DMA. At the time they had no quota
control - in theory yes, but not actually working. This
was a few years ago so it might be improved now.
I was monitoring the disk and sometimes run away
processes for them too. But at least I had access to all
of the applications I'd normally use on my home machine
to tell what's up. In retrospect they are looking more
attractive for my level of needs than the big name brand

For the time being, I'm a DynDNS user with just mail
hosting externally (olm.net <http://olm.net>). I have a feeling that 
much of my web traffic was simply search engine spiders
The DynDNS webhop generally cuts that out since spiders don't
want to follow links to odd ports. The net cost is
$44/year, and I can ssh to my web site for free.

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