[nSLUG] getting sftp/ssh access at hosting ISP

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Wed Jul 6 21:16:55 ADT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-07 at 12:34 -0300, Donald Teed wrote:

> The idea of leasing a cheap colo server somewhere has
> appealed to me before, but I'd only want to do it with
> a group of users I could trust not to demand unknown
> things from it.  (e.g. support from me.)  Back when it was
> at least $150/month to do it, I could not find enough interested
> parties.

The other option is for "virtual private" hosting, through a provider
using software like Virtuozzo (a companion to Plesk). I'm not sure of
the technical details of how virtuozzo works (but its closer to Xen then
to VMWare), as I don't care much about the major difference (performance
overhead). With root, I get complete control of a system, x amount of
RAM, y of disk space, z bandwidth; about the only thing I don't have is
access to a console for monitoring reboots and what not... Depending on
hardware I might not get that with a dedicated server, either; I haven't
tested how helpful my provider is for recovering from failed reboots.
(hmm.. the web based control panel will boot the system into "repair"
mode (clean system, real system mounted on /repair))

My providers lowest level package is US$20/mo by the month, or US$15/mo
for 1 year prepaid. When I signed up, this was about 1/5th the cost of a
dedicated server and about 1/2 of the next least expensive VPS provider
listed by SWSoft, the makers of plesk/virtuozzo.

In the days of providers making great effort to choose the worst
possible policy alternatives, running your own system is really the only


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