[nSLUG] Re: Do It Yourself with dynamic DNS services

Michael Taylor mctaylor at privacy.nb.ca
Tue Jul 5 15:02:41 ADT 2005

On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 01:00:47PM -0400, Crawford, Andrew (IT) wrote:
> Brutal fact; a company which provides physical hosting in Nova Scotia is going to be a lot more expensive and less reliable, and less performant than one which uses a central (from a network point-of-view) neutral co-hosting facility.

AFAIK there is only one first-tier neural data centre in Canada, 151 Front St
Toronto. http://www.151frontstreet.com/

There are other good data centres in Canada (e.g. Peer1's facilities),
but typically not 'neurtal' in terms of carriers. 

There is at least one multi-homed web hosting provider(s) in Nova Scotia,
Twisted Pair. They don't target the 9.95/month market. I don't know of
any performance problems with them.

> 2. not be in the budget market
Actually if you move past the $10-20 market, to the 50-100US market,
then a personal colocation becomes an option.
> 3. not have very smart customers

Or customers with different needs. Some customers will pay for
in-person on-site support. Most $10 hosting use a remote data
centre which may not be near the hosting company's employee's
location(s). Equipment failure can mean longer downtime in this
situtation. Not every hosting company buys HP/Compaq or Sun with 4 hour
replacement warrenty some do. Some not only do backups, they even
bother to test their backups before you need your website restored,
others "forget" routinuely to do backups at all.

Note: I am bias, I have worked in the web hosting industry,
and have my opinions. I have also watched more than one web hosting
company disappear.


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